Meet the Builders

Isaac Scott

Isaac grew up in Lafayette, LA, the heart of cajun country. His father worked in advertising for the newspaper and his mother was an art teacher, but Isaac knew he wanted to be a homebuilder from a very young age. He grew up playing with Lincoln Logs and sketching homes on sheets of loose leaf paper. During high school, Isaac attended mission trips to Mexico to build churches for impoverished communities. In Mexico, his passion for building grew even deeper. He also fell in love with the people and the culture, and discovered he had a passion for helping those less fortunate in the world. Isaac went on to earn his Bachelor of Science in Construction Management from Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge.

While in college, Isaac’s mother once mentioned to him “Why don’t you build sustainable communities?” From that day forward, it became his dream and mission to start his own homebuilding company, whose core competency would be sustainability. Of course, at 22 years old, with no real construction experience or background, Isaac could not take on this dream right away. First, he needed to learn how to build a house. Over the last eight years, Isaac worked as a superintendent for two of the top 30 homebuilders in the country. During this time, he was always, and still is, actively researching sustainable building practices, materials, and design.

In July 2021, Isaac and his business partner, Kendall, decided to take on the dream of starting their own homebuilding company and launched Clare Homes in their hometown, with a mission to build high performance homes.