Meet the Builders

Isaac Scott

Isaac grew up in Lafayette, LA, the heart of cajun country.  His father worked for the newspaper and his mother was an art teacher, but Isaac knew he wanted to be a homebuilder from a very young age after helping his dad build a fence. In high school, Isaac attended mission trips to Mexico to build churches. It was there that his passion for building grew even deeper, and he decided to attend college for Construction Management. 

Isaac went on to earn his Bachelor of Science in Construction Management from Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge.

While in college, Isaac’s mom once mentioned to him “Why don’t you build sustainable communities?”  From that day forward, it became his dream and mission to start a homebuilding company, whose core competency would be sustainability.  

After nearly a decade in the industry, that dream manifested into reality.  Isaac and his business partner, Kendall, launched Clare Homes in 2021 with a mission to build High Performance Homes in their community and along the Gulf Coast.

Kendall Gilmore

Kendall  was born and raised in Lafayette, Louisiana. His parents built their first home when he was four years old, and that’s when he realized he had passion for homebuilding.  He would visit the job site everyday because he loved witnessing something being built from nothing. After high school, when Kendall realized his baseball dreams were over, he knew he would find joy in homebuilding so decided to earn his degree in LSU's Construction Management curriculum. 

After working several years in commercial construction, Kendall started a new job in the residential industry, building homes in the greater New Orleans area.  Kendall worked directly with homeowners after hurricanes and through the COVID-19 pandemic. He quickly realized the importance of building a resilient, healthy home because what matters most to a customer is their health and safety.

Kendall’s mission now is to provide a pleasant and comfortable homebuilding experience for customers by building a home that will last and keep their family safe and healthy.